About Ithaca Vintage

Ithaca Vintage is owned and operated by Steven Daly, the only qualified, independent personal property appraiser in the Finger Lakes region of New York. 

Steven’s qualifications include a certificate in Appraisal Studies from NYU, associate membership in the Appraiser’s Association of America and he is compliant with the current guidelines of the Unified Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).   

As an Independent appraiser he provides clients with reliable, unbiased values and opinions.  Unlike real estate appraisers, there is no license for personal property appraisers.  Anyone can call themselves an appraiser, the antique dealer, auction house, pawn shop owner etc. and their “appraisals” can be influenced by their desire to maximize profits, making their motives ethically murky. 

A qualified, independent appraiser works only for the client and is prohibited by USPAP from any financial interest in items for 3 years before or after an appraisal.  Steven specializes in Art, Books, Comic Books and other works on paper. Serving as a generalist appraiser, he is also familiar with all types of estate pieces including furniture, antiques, memorabilia, instruments, etc. and is prepared with the tools and knowledge to research just about anything.  

Steven and Ithaca Vintage adhere to the highest standards and provide professional appraisals for Insurance, Estate Distribution, IRS Tax Donation, Damage and Loss or any other need.  

We offer our clients a wide range of valuation, research and consignment services.  Whether you need to learn about that family heirloom, catalog an estate or collection, equably divide assets or you just want to know what something is worth, we can help.

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